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In first, America co-hosts cyber war game ‘CODE’ with Taiwan

In first, America co-hosts cyber war game ‘CODE’ with Taiwan
MELBOURNE, Australia — Taiwan and the United States are co-hosting a weeklong, multinational cybersecurity exercise on the east Asian island as it seeks to bolster its cybersecurity in the face of increasing cyberattacks.

This year’s exercise, which is held once every two years since the inaugural event in 2013, is noteworthy, as it is the first time the United States is co-hosting the event and is also the first time it includes the participation of personnel from several other countries.

Known as the Cyber Offensive and Defensive Exercise, or CODE, red (adversarial) teams from Australia, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia will join the co-hosts in simulated attacks on the Taiwan’s public and private cyber infrastructure.

Read the full article on Fifth Domain

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